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Grammarly for PVC Students: Home

Students: Grammarly PREMIUM is free to all PVC Students! Grammarly is a virtual writing "assistant." Check it out!

What is Grammarly?  Grammarly can help you with all your writing assignments!  Grammarly uses artificial intelligence (AI) to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, while enhancing vocabulary usage.  PVC offers students Grammarly Premium which includes everything in the free version plus suggestions for clarity, engagement, and tone and 400+ more grammar checks than the free version.  Grammarly works with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, and browsers like Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge.  Get started today! (Read instructions below).

Video produced by Grammarly (less than 2 minutes)

Ignore the "blue button" talk at the end of the video; PVC offers you the PREMIUM version, instructions for the premium version are to the right :)

About Grammarly video produced by Grammarly

Grammarly for Students (one minute)

PVC offers you the PREMIUM version, not the basic free version; Instructions for the PREMIUM
version are to the right.

How to log into Grammarly Premium


1)  In order to set up an account for the PREMIUM version of Grammarly, you can click on the green box above,  or go to the Library website and click on the Grammarly icon or go to your Canvas account, click on any course, and locate Grammarly in the sidebar.  You will need to create an account using your PVC username/email  (username/email looks like this: and password.   You may need to authenticate twice the first time through - once for Canvas and once for Grammarly. 

2) If you see a download button, go ahead and download Grammarly, even if you are on a public computer (better if you are on your own device).  You should now see the Grammarly site.  You may upload a document, start a new document, or copy and paste a document into Grammarly.  Grammarly will make suggestions for edits (look for the red lines).  (You can always ignore Grammarly's "advice.").  If you're on the Grammarly site, it will auto-save documents produced within Grammarly. 
3) Click on the APPS link once inside the Grammarly site to download Grammarly onto your personal device for Windows, Chrome or iPhone,  IPad or Android.  If you downloaded Grammarly on your personal device, you don't need to do anything more.  Whenever you log in on a public computer, remember to log in with your PVC username and password to access the PREMIUM version.    
(If you already have the free version of Grammarly installed on your personal device, you will need to log out of it and sign in with your PVC username and password in order to access the Premium version offered by PVC).