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Full time ASL instructor, Rene Lopez-Roedel


Rene's Mini Bio:

Rene had an attraction to American Sign Language (ASL) from a young age, teaching herself the manual alphabet and basic vocabulary from library books before attending Riverside City College, where she was first introduced to American Sign Language in an academic setting. She began interpreting for the college while working for the Riverside County Office of Education as a teacher’s assistant for the deaf/hard of hearing program. 

Rene was recruited to work for the California School for the Deaf as an assistant dorm counselor, mainly working with special needs students, teaching living and social skills. She volunteered as an interpreter for various organizations, for cases involving rape crises and child welfare. She moved to Blythe with her family and began working for Palo Verde Unified School District as a consultant for the deaf and hard of hearing. 

After finishing both Associate’s degrees at Palo Verde College (PVC), Rene worked for Palo Verde College in the DSPS office as an interpreter for the deaf/hard of hearing.  She then transferred to Grand Canyon University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. While attending Grand Canyon University, she became an adjunct instructor in American Sign Language at PVC. As an adjunct she has created courses and a certificate to promote the ASL program at PVC. She has continued her education and has obtained a Master of Science, in Sociology of Education. She is very happy to become a member of the PVC faculty and language department and hopes to close the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds.