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Adult Education Program: High School Equivalency (HSE)

The Palo Verde River Consortium


GED Language Arts class

8:30-10:30 AM Mondays/Tuesdays




Registration Guide




You are now a Palo Verde College Pirate

If you are starting before December 15, 2023, register for Fall 2024

The first day a student can register for Spring 2024 is November 11, 2023

Two steps you can do today to start the GED registration process.

- Complete a Palo Verde College CCCapply application

- Schedule your CASAS Assessment test


- New students will need to create a CCCapply account first

- Once you have a CCCapply account you can sign in and start your application


CASAS Assessment Scheduling for



CASAS Assessment Scheduling for



Once you receive your Palo Verde College login credentials

(Check your inbox for an email from Palo Verde College regarding your CCCapply application)

Reset your password if needed. | Technical Support / Helpdesk

You can sign into PVC Student Planning to add classes to your PVC schedule.


Course Codes (Use to look up PVC courses to add classes)

Non-Credit Basic Education (NBE)

NBE- 031 = GED Math Preparation

NBE - 033 = GED Science Preparation

NBE - 034 = GED Social Studies Preparation

Actively look for a Language Arts Instructor


Student Planning/ Registration Help Video

Contact 760-921-5500 to talk with support staff.



What is the GED?
The GED (General Educational Development) is a high school equivalency credential that certifies an individual's academic skills and knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate. The GED exam comprises four subjects: math, science, language arts, and social studies. The GED is recognized as a high school equivalency credential by colleges, employers, and government agencies in the United States and Canada.

NEW High School Equivalency (HSE) noncredit program (in-person)
We are excited to announce that the current GED preparation program has transitioned to in-person noncredit college classes. This means that students preparing for the GED will have access to all the college events and resources a credit college student has
access to.


Food Pantry

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)


Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)


College Counselors
Buss passes CalWORKs Timely MD

Next up (Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support Program)


Internet Connectivity Grant CARES Act Funding Associated Students Government College Athletic Events



145 is a passing score on each of the four GED exams. Students who score 145-200 on their practice GED exam are categorized as "likely to pass." 


Practice Scores meaning

Likely to pass


Too close to call


Not likely to pass


Students who score in this range should take     



As you are preparing for each subject in class each student will take practice tests to measure progress. Once a student scores in the "Likely to Pass" score range the instructor will recommend that the student take the official GED exam.

Every student will create a account to schedule each official one-subject exam. Students must arrive at the Palo Verde College Pearson Certified Testing Center 10-15 minutes before the scheduled exam time.

Students must provide appropriate identification upon check in. If a student is a new resident of California and doesn't have a ID, they must provide appropriate documentation to prove their residency.


CASAS Assessment Test

Introducing the CASAS Assessment Test - an invaluable tool designed to assess students' proficiency in all four GED subjects. Unlike traditional placement tests, this comprehensive assessment empowers instructors to tailor an efficient and personalized approach to academic instruction. By understanding each student's strengths and areas for improvement, educators can guide them towards greater success. Moreover, the CASAS test offers students a valuable baseline to monitor their progress as they embark on their journey to GED achievement. Unleash the potential within, supported by data-driven insights and a roadmap for academic growth.


Typical Length: 2 Hours


Tuesdays at 9:00 AM in Room CS234 - Blythe Main Campus


Mondays at 9:00 AM in the Testing Center - Needles Center