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Please Check!

Please make sure to check your instructor's syllabus to see if the section you're enrolled in has a Zero Cost Textbook. 


Digital OER textbooks are freely available

Students:  Due to your instructor using an Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook, a digital version of the text is freely available for you to use!    Please thank your instructor(s) for being willing to use an OER textbook to reduce the high-cost of textbooks, with the added benefit that you can access the digital textbook on day one of your class on any mobile device, wherever you are, including your phone.   If you prefer a print copy of the text, there is a print option, often at a low cost.   

Open Educational Resources

CC-SA 4.0 International,  Markus Büsges (leomaria design) für Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.,


An open educational resource (OER) is free to access and use and is licensed so that it can be freely shared.